AIFA - AI for All

Empowering students of all skill levels to learn and improve their machine learning skills through straightforward curriculum and collaborative competitions.

Our Pillars

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Professional Curriculum

Our curriculum enables students of all ages to learn more about Machine Learning, Coding, and Future Applications of AI.

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Collaborative Events

Students take what they learn in the curriculum to create impactful projects in events like Hackathons and Coding Tournaments

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All of our curriculum and events are run by students, so we know how to meaningfully empower students.

Our Mission

At AIFA, Our Mission is to provide students with all the resources they need in this large and confusing industry. Using a straightforward student-made curriculum, we aim to teach kids across the globe about Machine Learning and programming.

We also host hackathons! Providing students with opportunities to show off their skills and gain recognition for it is equally as important as teaching them. By hosting hackathons and coding tournaments in less established areas, we bring in more opportunity and incentive.

What Do We Offer?

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Be A Leader in Your Community!

. Curriculum

At the heart of our organization, we aim to educate students across the nation with coding skills. We cover anything from basic Python all the way up to Machine and Deep Learning. We will provide you with all the curriculum you need to be successful in starting your chapter! You will have full access to our entire database of curriculum.

. Events

Not only do we aim to educate, but we want to provide opportunities for kids to show off their skills and gain recognition for it. To do that, we host different events like hackathons, coding tournaments, and workshops. If you start a chapter, you’ll have the opportunity to host local events of your own, and all of our resources will be at your disposal!

. Applications of AI

Along with teaching kids about the coding aspect of AI, we have lessons in which we teacher them about the applications itself. Whether they’re pursuing marketing, medicine, aerospace, or anything at all, we provide students with specialized lessons and curriculum for whatever field they're going into.

Our Sponsors

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